DDM Concut Diamond Blades, Wheels & Bits

DDM CONCUT (formerly known as Dixie Diamond Manufacturing and Concut) has become the largest American-owned manufacturer of high-quality diamond tools. 

DDM Concut offers an extensive range of diamond products specifically engineered for cutting concrete, asphalt, masonry, stone, tile and other materials. Hy-Cor stocks a select range of the most popular blades and wheels – listed below – however the entire range is available to order.  


Rescue/Demolition Blade
Rescue/Demo BladeRESCUE-1414″ x .250″ x 1″/20mmBest

• Cuts: drywall, wood, fire doors, sheet metal, auto body panels, etc.
• The RESCUE BLADE is a segmented blade with carbide chips designed to cut through a wide variety of materials
• Perfect for: Roofers, Demo Crews, Renovators, Landscapers, Rescue Units, Wrecker and Recycle Companies


Concrete, Block, Brick, Pavers, Stone (wet/dry)
El Toro14SEG2014 x 125 x 20mm/1" SEGGood
DMC BulkDMC2000S-1414 x 125 x 20mm/1"Better
NCSNCS1412414 x 125 x 20mm/1" NCSBest
DMC BulkDMC2000S-1616 x 125 x 20mm/1"Better
Asphalt, Block and Green
El ToroAE1412514 x 125 x 20mm/1" AEGood
NCSANCSA1612516 x 125 x 20mm/1" NCSABetter
4" Blade - Tile, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Stone (wet)
DDM Continuous RimT2044" x .060 x 5/8-7/8Best
Double Row Cup Wheel
Tall Hub for Angle GrinderDSC-4DSTD4" x 2 rows - 5/8"Good
Core Bits - Segmented
2" Beaver BitBV-2000-U2" BV-U SEG CORE BITBest
3" Beaver BitBV-3000-U3" BV-U SEG CORE BITBest
4" Beaver BitBV-4000-U4" BV-U SEG CORE BITBest