HID Light Bulbs

HID Bulbs  

Hy-Cor offers a complete line-up of Pulse Start and Probe Start Metal Halide bulbs from Venture Lighting.

The chart below denotes our most popular sellers, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact our office for more information.

NOTE: Due to their fragile nature and shipping requirements, bulbs are sold in case quantities only.

Venture Bulb chart
Item No.
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WattsDescriptionBase TypeBulb Shape
(See Chart)
Operating Position
(See Chart)
VL153321000MH 1000W/U/BT37
Probe Start Lamp
Mogul (E39)3A
VL720511000MH 1000W/U
Probe Start Lamp
Mogul (E39)2A
VL18520400MH 400W/U
Probe Start Lamp
Mogul (E39)4A
VL57540400MH 400W/U/ED28
Probe Start Lamp
Mogul (E39)6A