Dynamic™ Double Leg Fixed Lanyards

Dynamic­™ Polyester Webbing Double-Leg Fixed “Y” Lanyard

1" (25 mm) Polyester double leg web lanyard-without energy absorber with 1 double locking ergonomic 3/4" snap hook at one end and a choice of 3/4" snap hook, Rebar Hook or Scaffold Hook on the other. Please see additional information for weight capacities.

Additional information

Minimum Order


Weight Capacity

100 lbs./45 kg – 386 lbs./175 kg


Please note that maximum weight capacity includes the wearer and any tools, equipment, etc. When used in conjunction with other fall arrest/restraint devices such as harnesses, lanyards, SRLs, lifelines, etc., the maximum weight capacity defers to the lowest rated device.

Item No.LengthConnector
DFP6351114, 5 or 6 ft.3/4" Snap Hook - x3 (not shown)
DFP6351334, 5 or 6 ft.3/4" Snap Hook / Rebar Hook - DFP5386HS x2
DFP6351444, 5 or 6 ft.3/4" Snap Hook/Scaffold Hook - DFP5395HS x2