Dynamic™ Hooks

Hooks and Carabiners offer a multitude of applications and all are available in various forms and sizes.

They offer maximum protection and all offer double locking or auto locking closures. They are designed to give you the greatest ease of operation. CSA, ANSI and CE certified.

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Weight Capacity


Item No.DescriptionOpening
DFP6650HSForge Steel Double-Locking Snap Hook3/4"
DFP6650ALLAluminum Double-Locking Snap Hook3/4" (not shown)
DFP4651Forge Steel Swivel Double-Locking Snap Hook3/4"
DFP9652HSStamped Steel Double-Locking Snap Hook3/4"
DFP5386HSForge Steel Double-Locking Rebar Hook2"
DFP5395HSForge Steel Double-Locking Scaffold Hook2½"
DFP5395ALLAluminum Double-Locking Scaffold Hook2½"