Dynamic™ Hybrid Econo™ 5pt Harness

Fully Adjustable Fall Arrest Harness with 5 Point Adjustment. This product is the answer to a demand for a basic harness adjustable at the torso. While being called a basic harness, it offers the user everything a regular mid range harness has to offer at a budget price. These harnesses meet and exceed the ANSI and OSHA regulations and is CSA certified. Available in sizes S-3XL


  • Lightweight vest style harness with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Pass-thru quick connect leg strap buckles or tongue & buckle leg straps
  • CSA certified
  • 5 points of adjustment

Additional information

Case Quantity


Minimum Order




Weight Capacity

400 lbs./ 181 kg


Please note that maximum weight capacity includes the wearer and any tools, equipment, etc. When used in conjunction with other fall arrest/restraint devices such as lanyards, SRLs, lifelines, etc., the maximum weight capacity defers to the lowest rated device.

Item No.D-Ring LocationLeg Strap ConnectionClass
DFP2501DBackPass-Thru FrictionA
DFP2501DGBackTongue & BuckleA
DFP2503DBack, SidePass-Thru FrictionA, P
DFP2503DGBack, SideTongue & BuckleA, P
DFP2505DBack, Side, ShoulderPass-Thru FrictionA,P,E
DFP2505DGBack, Side, ShouldersTongue & BuckleA,P,E