Dynamic™ Single Leg Adjustable Lanyards

Dynamic™ 1″ Polyester Webbing Single-Leg Adjustable Lanyard

1" (25 mm) Polyester web lanyard-without energy absorber with 1 double locking ergonomic 3/4" snap hook at one end and a choice of 3/4" snap hook, Rebar Hook or Scaffold Hook on the other. Adjusts from 3.5 ft. to 6ft. Please see additional information for weight capacities.

Additional information

Minimum Order


Weight Capacity

100 lbs./45 kg – 386 lbs./175 kg


Please note that maximum weight capacity includes the wearer and any tools, equipment, etc. When used in conjunction with other fall arrest/restraint devices such as harnesses, lanyards, SRLs, lifelines, etc., the maximum weight capacity defers to the lowest rated device.

Item No.LengthConnector
DFP63211/66 ft. - 3.5 ft3/4" Snap Hook - Both Ends
DFP63213/66 ft. - 3.5 ft3/4" Snap Hook / Rebar Hook - DFP5386HS
DFP63214/66 ft. - 3.5 ft3/4" Snap Hook/Scaffold Hook - DFP5395HS