Ericson XG2 Series GFCI

Tough, fully sealed, NEMA 6P submersible GFCI body with all-weather pushbuttons, available in various configurations.

Ericson XG2 Series GFCIs are available in an array of lengths and configurations, in both Auto and Manual power up models. While Hy-Cor stocks the most common configurations (see table), the full line up is available on request. Click image for full details.

Ericson GFCI selection

How a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) works and why you should use one.

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Item No.Power-Up TypeLengthPlugConnectorAmps/Watts
EXG2-14-2SAuto2 ft.Molded 5-15Molded 5-1515/1875
EXG2-12-TTAuto2 ft.Molded 5-15Molded 5-15 Triple-Tap15/1875