Industrial Grade LED String Lights

Contractor & Industrial Grade LED String Lights in 50 and 100 foot lengths.

  • Available in 50' and 100' lengths (contractor grade in 100' only)
  • Up to 14W bulbs included on 10 ft centres.
  • Replacement guards & bulbs available

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Minimum Order


Item No.LengthCableSocketsGuards
LTLS-100CG14LED100 ft.14/2 SJTW No Connector10Plastic
LTLS-50SJ14LED50 ft.14/3 SJTOW w/Connector5Plastic
LTLS-50MGSJ14LED100 ft.14/3 SJTOW w/Connector5Metal (Shown)
LTLS-100SJ14LED50 ft.14/3 SJTOW w/Connector10Plastic
LTLS-100MGSJ14LED100 ft.14/3 SJTOW w/Connector10Metal
LTLS-PGReplacement Plastic Guard
LTLS-MGReplacement Metal Guard
LTLS-LEDCGReplacement Bulb 14W