Platform Hoist Accessories

RGC offers an array of attachments and accessories to tailor your platform hoist to meet specific worksite needs. From the popular solar panel and plywood/truss attachments, to the telescoping support (required for lengths over 28ft), RGC has you covered.


One of the most popular attachments for the RGC Platform Hoists is the solar panel carrier (pictured). Available for both the Classic and Pivoting Platform Hoists, this item is in high demand. These are just a few of the options available. Please visit RGC Hoisting for the full line-up.

RGC Platform Hoist Accessories

Item #Item NameWeight
RG0424030Solar Panel Carrier (200 & 400 lb)25 lbs
RG0446160Solar Panel Carrier (PPH only)31 lbs
RG0400540Telescoping Support (req. over 28ft.)52 lbs
RG0403270200 lb. Plywood/Truss Carrier-7 in13 lbs
RG0400562400 lb. Plywood/Truss Carrier-7 in.11 lbs