Primatech Handle & Load Extenders

Make your Primatech Flooring Tool even more efficient and easy to use.

Primatech Handles & Load Extenders


The PRIMATECH A800 ergonomic extension handle allows to operate the nailers at a higher or lower position. It can be easily set and locked at any position, thus providing a better tool control.

Compatible with these models:

245, 250 & 550 series.

Please see the Primatech website for more information and older models compatibility.

PRP248A – 200 nails with a 2 strip capacity
PRP249A – 300 nails

The LoadXtend magazine holds more fasteners in the same channel length than any other tool, to let you load when you want, as needed. 

The LoadXtend channel magazine is factory installed on the 250 L  Series. This high-capacity enhancement accepts 200 nails in the same length of channel as the former regular 100 nail capacity, whereas it can take 300 nails in its extended version (installed on the 250AL GYM version). It is also offered as an accessory for previously acquired 250L nailers.

You can now reload before your magazine is empty and keep your installation pace. The LoadXtend allows for reloading extra clips on the fly, therefore saving time and avoiding unwanted interruptions.

Its exclusive pusher will remain locked into a pre-armed position allowing the tool to be fed by gravity. With less than one strip to go the LoadXtend mechanism engages automatically and operates in a conventional way by simply applying pressure on the the fasteners.

Compatible with Primatech models:

250A, 250F