Primatech Nailer 250AL/ALR/AT/ATR

The Primatech 250A’s pneumatic fastening tools embody the most advanced technical developments in flooring installation. The 250 features the PRIMPACT module, a breakthrough for the industry.

250AL/250ALR Pneumatic Nailer "L" Cleats

An exclusive feature of the 250AL and 250ALR is its articulated, dual action and fully adjustable base which enables it to deal with an infinite variety of solid / engineered flooring from 5/8″ to 7/8″ (16 to 22mm). It comes factory adjust to 3/4″ (19mm).

The cam operated base plate adjuster maintains a consistent angle of penetration to deliver the fastener snugly into the nail pocket of the board with controlled penetration and perfect accuracy.

Available as an option for the 250AL, the 250ALR comes with the PrimSurfer factory installed.

The PrimSurfer roller base fulfills the need for increased Speed and Precision in large surface as well as residential flooring jobs. Its two-way fluid sideshift extends the natural hand movement and matches the agility of the installer, allowing a constant, comfortable posture that helps eliminate ‘’top nailing’’. Not having to lift the tool repeatedly eases off the feeling of tension in the user’s arm and back.

Both models use 16 ga “L” cleats in 1½”, 1¾” and 2″ (38mm, 45mm and 50mm)

For full details and specs, please visit Primatech.

250AT/250ATR Pneumatic Nailer "T" Cleats

All the same features and benefits of their 250AL and 250ALR counterparts, the 250AT and 250ATR use “T” cleats.

Both  models use 16 ga “T” cleats in 1½”, and 2″ (38mm and 50mm)

For full details and specs, please visit Primatech.