RGC Classic Platform Hoist

RGC Classic power drives sit higher on the track, making them a perfect choice for work  in sites where landscaping could pose an obstacle. With clutch and brake handles on the bottom of the drive, you won’t have to reach up and over to operate your hoist.

  • 200 lb. & 400 lb. capacities available
  • Gas or Electric Power Drive options
  • 4’, & 8′ Track lengths available


The Classic Platform Hoist is available in 200lb or 400lb capacity. Choose from a 4HP Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine, or 1.5HP electric motor. Various configurations of track lengths are available, with our most popular version being 28ft (1 x 4′, 3 x 8′ lengths). Please visit RGC Hoisting for information on additional configurations.

Classic Drive Hoist Specifications
Classic 400Classic 200
Load Capacity400 lbs200 lbs
Lift Speed110 fpm220 fpm
Platform Size24" x 24"17" x 18"
Track24" wide17" wide