Van Mark Brakes

Hy-Cor proudly includes Van Mark in our line-up of high quality products for the rental market, featuring the Mark II TrimMaster®, the top of the line, portable aluminum bending brake designed for siding, doors, windows and trim. 

A little about the company history, courtesy of Please visit their site for more information.

Van Mark started by designing and manufacturing the Trim-A-Brake in 1964 and soon followed with a number of unique tools that were patented and produced including the Trim-A-Slitter, Trim-A-Louver, Trim-A-Table and CoilCradle.
In 1983 the first cam operated “hemming” brake was introduced by Van Mark, the Mark I Series. To this day Van Mark’s cam operated bending brakes are considered the premium tools in the industry by contractors worldwide. Many other innovative tools were developed based on the virtually adjustment and maintenance free cam design including the Mark IV Industrial, Mark II TrimMaster, Metal Master and Metal Master Industrial. Also, many accessory tools were developed to save the end users time that work in conjunction with Van Mark’s Brakes including the TrimFormer, TrimCutter, CoilDispenser, UniLeg and UniStand.

Featuring The Mark II TrimMaster®

  • Features the easy-to-use, dependable, superior cam-locking system
  • Bends up 180° Hems for complex bend profiles
  • Engineered to perform 5 ⁄ 8″ bend for tighter J-Channel pockets
Mark II TrimMaster