Widder Tools

Hy-Cor is proud to offer Widder Tools, including the innovative Venturi Air Movers, Pneumatic Jet Fans and Hydrostatic Test Pumps.

WIDDER is a line of high-performance, heavy-duty pneumatic, hydraulic and electric industrial power tools and accessories. High quality, exceptional durability and low maintenance needs, make their tools ideal for the dirtiest, hottest, coldest, driest and wettest environments on Earth. WIDDER tools are the best choice for tough industrial applications, particularly oil rig maintenance and refinery turnaround. Visit the Widder Tools website for more information on the complete line-up.


20008 Venturi Style Air Mover

8" Venturi Style Air Mover

  • COLLAPSIBLE poly horn
  • Stores in 1/3 the space
  • Stackable design feature
  • Over 5,400 CFM air movement
  • Heavy duty construction


20262 Pneumatic Jet Fan

20" Pneumatic Jet Fan

  • NEW 90° air input
  • Standard 20″ API flanges
  • Over 10,000 CFM air movement
  • Spin-balanced blades
  • Heavy duty construction


90500 Hydrostatic Test Pump

Hydrostatic Test Pump

  • Manually operated
  • Extremely portable
  • Compact and light weight
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame